why is office furniture so expensive

Office chairs and affordable housing: Here's what Ben Carson's been up to. for someone looking to buy a “decent chair,” so we decided to consult a professional .. That's about as expensive as high-end office chairs get.

So the amounts in Figure 1 can be multiplied by the number of staff to estimate the cost of all office furniture, except for special requirements. Historically, office furniture costs have been proportional to quality. So buyers have had to trade-off quality versus price.

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From time to time you may find yourself sitting in your battered down office chair, massaging the weird aches in your back, wondering why office furniture is so expensive. Before I knew anything about furniture, I thought that the day I set up my own office, it would be straight out of a TV show.

Top 10 most expensive office chairs you can resell for a big profit so there is clearly work to be done when it comes to office design. Natural light, private spaces, standing desks, and ergonomic and flexible furniture are just some of the things employees are.

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Teak is a popular wood with furniture makers and buyers across the world. Once heavily used, the deforestation of teak is now strictly controlled to ensure a continued and rejuvenated supply of wood.

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